How to start wholesaling in New Jersey, but live in New York????

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Hey Arturo,

I try to get out to REI meetups in the area and recommend you do the same. I'm not a wholesaler but I've met a lot of individuals who are, or who are just getting started. Really, it's one of those relationship-based approaches so the more people you meet, the more you learn, the clearer direction you'll have going forward!

PS- if you have any deals up your sleeve, I'd love to learn more!


@Elizabeth S. Your absolutely correct it's funny that you say that. I found a couple of buyers for my list on meetup last night. Ready for some deals. I'm in the process of getting some sellers leads. Hit me up I'm in Manhattan lets work together and I'm mobile let me know! 

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I have been looking for Meetups in the NYC/Jersey area.

Where are you finding these meetups?

 Hey go on they have them for New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia. Reia meet ups can't miss them

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Start Networking @Arturo Smith, get educated, read books, make it happen. If you need some forms that I use to evaluate deals for just about anywhere I buy. Please contact me privately. Regards, Joe

Hey Joe, you will most likely see this in the morning but I will definitely take you up on that offer. I'm emailing you now. Extremely grateful!