Assigning the contract to End Buyer.

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Hello BP members,

I need an advice. 

I am trying to wholesale a deal. I am assigning the contract and my end buyer wants to purchase the contract through Bank. He is not a cash buyer. He has pre-approval from his lender bank.

Is it good to ahead with him ? Does bank accepts assigning the contract ?

Please advice. Thanks in advance. Sri

@Srikanth Patnam , so, you already have the property under (an assignable) Contract, right? Don't most end-Buyers need to borrow? So long as their Bank is happy with the deal you are assigning, what would be the problem for you? It seems quite straight forward, unless here is something else to the story. All the best...

By the way, was that deal hard to arrange from Australia?...

Thanks Brent.Yes I have the property under contract. 

Honestly yes it was hard initially. I had to dig up lot of dirt before finding one deal. Spending money on courses and marketing. so far going well but slow. But I don't think I should be discouraged because of the distance.