OPM books

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I'm a little confused about this whole OPM thing.
My money is currently held up in another real estate transaction that has gone totally wrong due to negligence on the mortgage side (don't ever use Meridian Mortgage). As a result, I'm still very interested in making money in real estate and so many gurus talk about OPM.
I'd like to get as much information on this as possible, and thought I'd start here.
If anyone has any books they can recommend that would be great-how is Robert Kiyosaki's OPM book?
So do I basically network other investors to get them interested in deals and I become the deal maker?


OPM = Other People's Money

I think you've got the basics, Lehua. The business is about networking and I think you've got the right idea. If the deal looks good to these people, they are likely to get involved.