Here I are....Colorado Springs, Durango, Santa Fe...and Phoenix

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so I've been to a huge FortuneBuilders three-day investment seminar where I was qualified to give them $35,000 for a years worth of "training and support" to build my business. Yesterday I attended a brief "Nick Vertucci" seminar (supposed to be five hours, but the guy quit after about two), but declined the offer to spend $1800....what I'm really looking for is someone to help me along the route of the first investor "wholesale" or Rehab house; the current candidates appear to be interested only in the tuition fees, instead of a system people can plug into and at least get to first base with property identification, finances, fix and resale. Anyone know anyone who might be able to help ?  Christopher

@Christopher Green Sounds like you should attend some local REIA meetings Phoenix has plenty and at all levels under the name AZREIA. I would focus on attending the events that have quality speakers that you can hear for a fraction of the cost.

I have also crossed this path of feeling the urge to have a teacher or some kind of guidance I purchased an online course that really helped me direct my efforts and has a forum where I can ask questions and get a fast answer (similar to BP but because it was a fraction of the size you can get an answer quickly.) 

I would not say that it was the answer to all my questions but it was very helpful. I can honestly tell you that all the difficult or expensive time consuming things that you hear investors are doing (or probably don't hear) are often required for success. 

If you have low or no capitol to fund purchases and projects, you will have to build capitol and replace it with sweat equity or finding and putting deals under contract.

If you have capitol for projects and no access to deals or know how to spend your time locating deals or wholesalers who have them and KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. 

Who is the right guru or teacher? Really depends on you do you need someone to hold your hand from start to finish on the first deal, on your first five deals, etc. Can you take a online course with resources then turn around and apply what you learned. 

If a company is going to teach you how to earn 6 figures like fortune builders they are going to want to get paid a large amount for it, if someone has organized a book length or aggregate of videos that can taken at your pace but the same material can be read 1000's of times they may be able to offer a discount on the material. 


Hey @Christopher Green

I think your best bet would be to find people in your area, especially professionals who can pass on their experience to you. 

If you are looking for people in your area, try clicking the Network tab at the top of the page. There you can enter your zip code to find other Bigger Pockets members near you.

Just keep networking on the forums, and by sending out colleague requests to members. You may find a potential mentor soon!

Best of luck to you!