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I recently paid for data from Listsource.  I entered in criteria for absentee owners and the data I got back had the property address as a street address.  The owner address came back as an RFD address.  Same numbers for both the owner and property address.  So the addresses were the same.  This does not make the property an absentee owner. 

 I called up Listsource to explain the problem with the data and ask for a refund.  After a few days they got back to me and explained that was how the data came from the county records so it wasn't their fault.  I explained to the customer service rep(CSR) that this  was not my issue and the data they provided to me was not an "Absentee Owner".   They said their data team would look into it and get back to me.  A week passed and they again came back with the same answer.  I told them that was not a satisfactory answer and could I speak with a manager.  The CSR put me on hold and came back to tell me all managers are busy can not come to the phone.  I told the CSR that I know that trick and she needs to escalate this to a manager.  She would not connect me to a manager and said they will look at the data again.  Another week pass and I called to check on a resolution.  Nothing had been done and I again asked for a manager only to get the same answer of none available.  Now the third week came about and I get a call from the CSR and they were again absolving themselves of any wrong doing.  I now inform them that if I don't get this resolved right now I will call my credit card and get the charges reversed and let people know about the service I received.  They did not resolve the problem so I did self remedy. 

I will not use Listsource again.  The amount was not a lot but it is the principle.

It could be that the owners had not requested a "Homestead exemption" and therefore the property was not considers their primary address. Lots of landlords use the property address for things like tax and water bills even though they don not live at the property. 

It had nothing to do with Homestead.  The owners address read 435 RFD and the property address read 435 Main St.  That is the same address but Listsource categorized them as absentee owners.  They made it the county recorders problem and therefore it is my problem.  Which is not reality.  I was a system project  manager and the acronym GIGO is a best fit for this situation.  "Garbage In Garbage Out".  Never was the client's fault then and is not the client's fault now.

So you are saying while it is the address for the same Property, it IS actually a different address (435 Main St vs. 435 RFD). It seems to me a computer would not know that is the same address. 

I cant dispute that it is poor customer service on their part but it is certainly an understandable mistake. How many properties were like this vs the size of the list you received?

In my humble opinion if I were in customer service I would have just bit the bullet on this one.  It wasn't the customer's fault because they received bad data.  They should offered some sort of refund for the problem and call it a day.  The big picture is always suppose to be customer service.  

Thanks Ned,

I received about 200 with the RFD address but I also received about 100 with the property address and mailing address the same.  So property address was 123 Main Anytown, IL and the mailing address was 123 Main Anytown, IL.  The query should have excluded these entries.  That is why I suspected that they tweaked their search criteria  and got bad results.  

All I wanted was a credit from them to redo the search.  It was such a battle with them.  It wasn't my fault that the list was not what I needed.  I entered information the same way I had done in the past.

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Hi @Doug Bennett,

I've never used them but did you just end up getting additional data? So you got all the absentee owners in an area and some that were not absentee owners as well?

 I did not receive what I asked for.  The whole list had the same property and mailing address.  So I got no absentee owners.