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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some input from investors new and old (seasoned, I should say). How did everyone acquire mentors or start relationships with them? It has to be more than just touring every REIA in your area and asking every experienced investor for help. I realize this is a pretty broad topic that is widely discussed, but I'm hoping to see some variety in the ways mentors were found. I also want to know how these mentors were helpful to you in the early stages of your investing and what made them want to see you succeed. I hope to not have to wait until I find a true mentor before my investing career begins but I sure wouldn't mind having someone to advise me and teach me their ways. Thanks for your time.

@Evan Jacobs

My best mentors have only appeared in my life for a short period. 1-5 years.  They have came from day jobs, family, mailers, landlords and relationships.  I think we naturally out grow mentors and should constantly ping new people. 


@Frank R. Thanks for the response! That makes a lot of sense. As your goals change, as should your approach. 

I hope to organically grow relationships like you as opposed to actively pursuing them but whatever works is great. 

@Evan Jacobs

Hi Evan 

I like to use coaches when I am learning about a specific topic, such as real estate coaches, business coach and even life coach to get myself back into balance .   It may cost more, but you are investing in yourself and the instruction you receive is focused on what your needs are.   Most successful people attribute their success to coaching because it allows them to set goals, be held accountable and to focus on what they want, among other things

Hope that helps


@Brian Gibbons and @Evan Jacobs it's great to see two local people from this area.  I am in Belmont, MA (just moved from Arlington, where I lived for about 9 years).  If either of you guys are ever up around this way, please feel free to let me know so we can meet up for coffee or drinks.  It's always great chatting with like-minded people.  

Evan, I love the post, as you're exactly where I am.  If you think it might be valuable, I'd love to be able to bounce ideas off of each other, since we both seem to be in the same place in this journey.  

And I second that.  Go Pats!



Hi @Evan Jacobs

I think that mentors can be an incredible blessing to investors - I've been really lucky and have had some great ones myself.

I definitely struggled to find some great mentors myself, however, and I think that my experience could perhaps be of value to you!

In case you are interested - I wrote about my experience finding mentors in this "Ultimate Guide to Finding Incredible Mentors" - I hope that it helps you with your search!