New to Selling Properties

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Hi Everyone,

While I have been buying properties for some time, I have now decided to sell some of my portfolio and venture into the commercial market. Any advice when it comes to FSBO or should I just go with a real estate agent? Look forward to hearing from the BP community.


Jim Bluedorn

Blue Skies Collaboration LLC.

@Jim Bluedorn have you sold ANY properties recently? If not, I would at least use an agent for the first one, just to be walked through the transaction. If you are comfortable with the process, then for future sales, at least have professional photos done and list it in MLS, even if you don't hire an agent. Be sure to offer a full buyer's agent commission in the MLS.

As a realtor, I can say that listing with an agent is the best route. The reason for this is that it will be put on the MLS and will be aggressively marketed for the best possible price. That is just my 2cents.