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Welcome to bigger pockets I run a very active wholesaling business in San Diego, we do deals in LA, OC, IE & San Diego. Feel free to hit me up if you need any assistance. 

Hello, a lot has changed in three years. The average cost per acquisition is well over $10,000 in direct mail. I'm not sure I'd suggest anyone try wholesaling here unless you have deep pockets and a marketing budget in the $50k plus range annually. 

Door knocking on specific lists is likely the best chance for success for a new wholesaler.

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Hi Tim. My name is also tim. I've been trying to wholesale in San Diego for over a year now without a deal. Can you give me some pointers or better direction on whole to get my first deal? Any help is appreciated

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What list would you recommend?

 I don't know to be honest. Homeowners with equity, beyond that just high volume door knocking. 

Hey hows it going! Along with my commercial investing career, I also do wholesaling here and there on the residential side. The last wholesale deal profited just a little under $30k back in November in La Mesa.

I agree with many other though, deals can definitely be hard to come by without the right systems or niches set in place.