19 year old house hacking advice

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Hey everyone new to this site and it's  my first post, and I  was wondering if anyone could give me feedback for my current plan. I'm 19 years old, I graduated in 2014, I live in greensburg pa, I deliver pizzas for foxes pizza. After highschool, I went to community college to pursue a degree in criminal justice. In March I went skiing in Colorado, but I broke my tiba, fiba,clavicle, and shoulder blade, I had surgery on them. I had to withdraw from that semester, but over my time off I got really into the idea of investing into real estate. Once I returned to my job in May with $0.00 dollar in my account, I've managed to save $5,000 to date as of 11/3/15. Since my skiing accident, which was 100% the other guys fault, possibly even Vail, I've pursued attorneys to reach a settlemental(I'm not mad at the guy, i think inuance agents are some of the worSt of the worst). The only thing is they nulled my case due to its complexity, and referred me to a skiing specialist. After talking to the first attorney I think I could get any where around 10,000 to 20,000 for the settlement from the insurance company. Right now I'm continuing to work at my job while I pursue a small business mangent associate degree, I do not plan to transfer. If fact due to my location in PA, I'm planning on getting a job to oil frack and use that money to supply the money for my real estate. 

So if my lawsuit goes as plan and let's say I get 15,000 and I manage to save another  20,000 by the time I graduate, and get a job in the oil field witch pays good but has long hours. 

What would you do in my situation? Get a duplex and house hack? What type of loan should I get, I plan on renting out one side, getting a roommate, so even if I keep my pizza job I think I could afford it. What utilities cost the most per month avg? And what kind of utilies should I expect to pay every month. Do I provide my tenants all of there utilities, or just cretin ones?

My dad is a carpenter and I plan on working with him in renovating and evaluating properties.

I would appreciate any advice, or comments for my situation!