Real Estate as a College Student

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Hi everyone,

I am 100% new to the real estate/BP world but would love some advice. I am a college student and definitely want to pursue real estate ASAP. I was wondering what should I do this summer in term of internships, and how do I go about generally getting started? Is it worth working at a REIT for analysis training?



To a post with a similar question/profile, I recommended a range of summer ideas (from hands on maintenance for a property management firm, to doing signs or showing prep for realtors) but if you could land something at a REIT even better... But much of what you see on this board is probably not the REIT type holdings...

This community tends to be more small landlords and smaller scale investors... but all kinds chime in..

I have blog up on the Classics of Landlord Lit for some ideas on the scale (and most should be free in your library).