CA Real Estate Exam...HELP!

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Hello Family,

While actively pursuing real estate investing and working towards the goal of flipping my first house by the end of the year, I took and FAILED the real estate exam in October and have hit sort of a "pity party" phase. I was the only one in my study group of 6 to fail. Granted, they were all taking it for the 2nd or 3rd time. 

Any recommendations on better study techniques, mentors, groups, advice, etc. 

I'd been studying and taking courses for over a year. I'm usually a "back and get it the next time" type of woman, but this time was different!



@Sydni Chattman :

I am also pursuing my RE license, though in CT.  If CA is anything like here, PSI is the company that administers the state exams.  They offer a practice test book that my teacher frequently recommended. here on

Dearborn is the company that publishes our books, and they have a smartphone app that people in my class seemed to like.  here

I also remember her mentioning a website that guarantees you a refund of your exam fees if you do not pass the exam, but I will have to get back to you on that.

Bottom Line: Take a breath and realize that 40% of people do not pass the exam their first time through (the stat that I was given for our CT + National tests).  The whole of BP is here to help you, and you can without a doubt make it through.

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@syndi bell,

Don't give up! I highly recommend taking the real estate trainers ca weekend crash course couple of days before the test. I took mine in Santa ana, ca.

Good luck!

 Hi James, what company did you work with for the crash course? I did a crash course and the offer it to you again if you failed your exam. Maybe another option would beneficial for me.


@Sydni Bell

I attended the weekend crash course in Santa Ana. I think they also have locations in San Diego or LA. I felt that the practice tests of ReTrainersca was most similar to the actual exam.  I remember using Allied Study materials when first starting out but if I were to do it again, I would just go with ReTrainerca.

Hope this helps.