Wholesale Logistics

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I'm an 18 year old freshman at the University of Washington and I'm interested in wholesaling and someday being real estate investing. The only problem is how realistic is it for someone my age, while attending college, begin in this field? Would anyone take me seriously while negotiating deals? Also I have no money in case things go wrong. Any advice on how to start or what books I should begin reading? Thanks.

@Kiel Hicks

I would first tell you to check into the local REIA in your area, I believe it is called REIPS. Start there and meet with others and network. You could wholesale as that usually does not require money to buy the property but you will most likely need to spend some money on direct mail marketing. You will need to learn your local market in order to make something happen. It will be difficult for you but not impossible.

Good luck

@Kiel Hicks   forget wholesaling take class and get a RE license that is a career you can actually have for your lifetime.. kind of like playing golf.

Go to your top brokerages and intern with a top agent you will learn more there than at any reia ... REIA's are basically boring boring boring in my mind :)

not sure if i can say this, but on my website i have a ton of free video education. THere's a webinar, about an hour long, on the logistics of wholesaling techniques. Watching that would be easier than me explaining it here. :)