Newbie from Tulsa

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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the Bigger Pockets community and real estate in general. I'm a Senior Analyst in Manufacturing Finance - CPA eligible, working on my real estate license. Anyone have some suggestions on where the heck to begin?! Especially while holding a fulltime job??

Thank you in advance!

PS - Are there any BP meetups in Tulsa coming up? Would love to be involved - thanks!

Welcome! I'm also a fellow newbie☺️ I know there is a tentative meeting in Broken Arrow being discussed. Talking about having it on the 1st of Dec. I'll try to let you know when there becomes a definite place. 

welcome to BP! Always nice to see another tulsan! I know the REIA meets on the first or second Thursday every month, and heard of some meetups in the works.

Personally I've found wholesaling to be a good way to get into real estate. Low risk and low capitol needed. Ive had a blast doing it, plus you get to work with experienced investors and can pick up the lingo and how-tos in doing so. I studied wholesaling while working full time as well. Hope this helps.

Let me know if I can help with anything else. 


Welcome Emily,
The BP podcasts and forums are a great resource. I'm in the Bartlesville area which is north of Tulsa!


@Jason K Green - Thank you! I just loaded up on the podcasts. Do you have any book suggestions? I would like to purchase a multifamily here in Tulsa - preferably with a little bit of work & renters to the tune of $175k max. I just moved to Tulsa in the past 4 months so I am looking to build a network & get moving on my first deal.

@Amanda Williams@Steven Thomas - Please keep me updated :)

@Cameron Terry - I'd definitely be interested in getting into wholesaling but I don't have much of a network here (Chicago transplant) - How time sensitive has wholesaling been for you? Do you have buyers lined up already or do you just do a ton of marketing & hope to wrap up quickly?

@Marlon Wilson - Thank you :)

@Donnie Martens - Great to meet you - what kind of deals do you do in this area?

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Also, the guys from BiggerPockets have written a few really good books. Definitely check those out in the BP store.