Looking For A Mentor

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Hi everyone! I am fairly new to Real Estate Investing. I have had an interest in Real Estate for a while now and have worked with a few different investors and wholesalers mainly helping behind the scenes. Now I would like to step into the light and start gaining success in the business. I have been studying investing and different creative strategies. I am looking for a mentor in the Jacksonville or St Augustine area who has been in the business and has had success for a while, to build a business relationship with. I have a lot of skills and ideas to bring to the table, I just need a little mentoring getting started! In return I can help out in the same ways I have been helping the current connections I have made. I have a media background, so any help with website, photography etc, I'd also be happy to trade. Thank you and I hope to hear any feedback you have!

Hi @Emily Raber - You definitely have the right frame of mind in seeking a mentor - a seasoned local investor can be invaluable in helping you learn the tricks of the trade here.

Just be careful that you set expectations correctly for yourself and for the mentor - most of the time that I've sought the advice of a mentor, they've directed me to some resource or material.

Let me know if you think that "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Incredible Mentors" might help you in your real estate investing journey!