Most desirable DFW areas

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Thats a great question and to be quite honest its pretty easy to answer. All cash buyers follow great deals regardless of where they are located. When I first started I tried to figure that out so that i could stay in the money but as time went on I learned to just familiarize myself with all buyers and where they like to buy. Plano, Garland, McKinney, and Arlington just so happen to be quick grabs but you can make just as much in any other area if you've got a great deal. Have fun and best of luck to you!

Depends what kind of market your in and where your budget is. I think everywhere I'm working in are good markets. NRH, ft. Worth, lake highlands, Lockwood, white rock, historic district. North Dallas.

In the past several months I have purchased homes in NRH, Haltom City, Arlington, Alvarado, Venus, Burleson and Cleburne.  As @Jake E. has mentioned if the deal is good a buyer will find you.  

We like Allen and Anna right now.  We are buy/hold/rent focused.  It really depends what you see as your niche and considering various variables like are you going to flip or hold... Are you going to do rehab, yourself or hire out... Lots of rehab or a little or none... etc.  it's a sellers market in general so really good deals are hard to come by, but they are out there...