Multifamily advice

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some insight on how to invest in multifamily properties. Basic strategies, where to look for deals, fees associated with buying, or anything else that may come to mind. I am trying to take that first leap so any help will be appreciated. Also I am in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area so if you had any success in this side of town, please share.


1st thing I would do is get with a local real estate agent.

When you say multi fam do you mean 2-4 family or 5+?

There will be a different type of financing for each.

hi Sunil, if you mean 2-4 unit properties, Larry Loftis has a widely selling book on that topic..BP has lots of info, too, and if you narrow your strategy some, like specify  fourplex, forty units, or four hundred, then that may help you hone in on a multifamily strategy and help us give you ideas... Welcome...Best of luck,