Out-of-State Investor Travel Expenses

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Posting this question in new forum for the out-of-state investors, what frequent flyer and/or business travel programs would you recommend to save on travel expenses for trips to acquire and check up on your properties.

Any advice would be appreciated. 

I personally put all of my expenses on my Hilton American Express card. I personally don't focus on airlines as I find every airline has a different hub etc and we move alot (military family). On the other hand there is almost alway a hilton around. Therefore I do free hotels and look for the best flight deals.

We have several American Express charge cards. You can transfer the points to other programs such as airlines and hotels. This may only be due to the Platinum, which has many other travel advantages. Unfortunately it has a huge annual fee, $450 I believe. That fee is waived for active duty military. There are also businesses that do not take American Express due to their high fees.