PT2/5: Market Analysis

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Hello BP Family!

Thanks for taking a look at my second post regarding my companies new business plan. For some context to this please see my first post P1: Capital Acquisition. For those just joining the game. I've broken down my new approach to the BRRRR & Flip scenario and I'm looking for feedback on each phase of my plan.

Below is my current write up on Market Analysis. This essentially will be the step we take to determine if our model is a good fit for a geographic region. There are a lot of factors that go into his determination. We're looking for the right questions we should be asking when doing this kind of research. Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks again in advance! 

  • Population Demographics
    • Tenant Type (A,B,C,D,F)
    • Acceptable Rents & Average Home Purchase Prices
  • Market Industries & Development
    • Determine Major Industries supporting population
    • Research new builders coming into area
    • Leverage RSS feeds and Google Alerts to get updates
  • Investment Criteria
    • Based on Demographics and Market Research determine IDEAL Buy & Hold and Flip Criteria


  1. How to the Pros perform market analysis?
  2. What other criteria is used to analyze a potential market?
  3. What limits a "Market"? Neighborhood , City, County?
  4. Best methods on getting up to date news on your market?
  5. How often should you reexamine to redefine your criteria.?
  6. Are there any pre-defined criteria on Tenant Type?