Business plan template for buy and hold?

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I now have a 4 plex and one single family rental and want to have a solid business plan to take to the bank with my goals for the next two years. Is there a place I can download a  template to save me a lot of work? I'm a buy and hold invester. Thanks!

What sort of template are you seeking?  You can get a general business plan most anywhere online. Do you know what you want to do or are you seeking advice to grow your business? Lots of help here on the forums..just ask!

Being Canadian maybe I'am missing something with the way our systems work. But why would you need a business plan for the bank? I have never heard of someone getting business loan for REI except for flips.

I'm I right that the bank would look significantly more favorably at me, especially being a new investor if I had a professional looking business plan? From what I could find on-line I figure it would take me at half to a full day to make my own. If you don't think it is worth the time I would be interested in your thoughts.