Hey guys! So I'm hoping to start a Property Management company for vacation rentals come spring, with no experience. I've been reading a lot and talking with locals, and came across a few people who know of a few Condos who lack a good property manager. So the more I look around on here I see that people say, "pick a niche and stick to it!" Would I be spreading myself too thin if I was to look into the condos and the vacation rentals, and a few residential rentals, or is it common for PMs to spread out a little bit? I should mention, where I live vacation homes are mostly used in summer months (Lake front), condos are all year, and residential housing is busier in Winter months with a large University nearby. I want to learn as much as possible, while making a little cash flow. Would someone recommend one aspect over another? Or a good place to start? Or other forums/blogs to look at. 

Let me mention that PM is NOT my future goal, this is just a small business I hope to develop while saving money and learning my way around through other people. As soon as I get to know the area and business aspect a little better I will move on to my own investments, in a year or two. (See my profile for more details ;) )

Much appreciated.