Tax Liens & Notes

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Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! Does anyone have any experience in investing in notes or tax liens? I'm in Atlanta, as of recently, and would like to start by purchasing these instead of earning a mere .0000001% interest in the bank, and ultimately acquire an investment property south of Atlanta next year. What are your thoughts and experiences on tax liens or notes?

You will find what you are looking for here. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. My focus is due diligence process, so please determine your investment goal before getting started. Are you investing to obtain the property or for the 20% penalty? Depending on your choice, your due diligence and property evaluation will be completely different.


Lots of experts here on Tax liens. Keep in mind the laws vary tremendously from state to state. It is important you understand the laws where you are investing. 

Also keep in mind it can be quite competitive. While the starting interst rate may sound great, there is lots of money out there that is looking for better than the "mere .0000001% interest in the bank,"