I wanted to start this discussion by stating that I'm sick and tired of getting approached by people recruiting for MLM companies.  The worst part--the last guy swore to me it wasn't MLM and that he was being mentored by some local serial entrepreneur who is looking for young, ambitious millennials with 'that spark' in them. 

Needless to say, I could smell MLM despite him lying and hiding it.  I did more digging and found out that yes, this so called mentor, is nothing more than a big-wig for the MLM company 'Gen-E Group'.  He claims to mentor young entrepreneurs about business development, start ups etc, but he doesn't really. Instead, I feel that MLMs are taking the potential entrepreneurs out of the workforce by selling them on this lazy, 'profit from a yacht' mobile luxury lifestyle.  Kids with degrees who can't find jobs right out of college are being suckered in on promises of fast and easy money.  I don't care if the companies are legit and people can make money...what I care about is pulling these young minds out of 'circulation' since they aren't creating any real value in this (and most) MLM companies.  It feeds off itself and new blood...not a whole lot different than what Madoff did.  Ponzi but legal.  I just pray that the true entrepreneurs want nothing to do with cookie-cutter franchised MLM companies anyways and want the hard work and struggle that comes with actual value creation.  Something from nothing is much more rewarding. 

I get the creating multiple sources of income...but only if you're creating true value.  I mean this guy went off on how they're 'different' (doesn't every MLM company claim this too?!).  Something about partnering with Amazon and Amway and bla bla bla. 

Now, this guy probably does get involved in Fractional Reserve Banking like he claims...because he's so wealthy he can.  But I'm upset with the fact that he sells MLM as if it's true entrepreneurship.  It's the worst possible form of franchising there is (no/low start up costs, promises of no risk and only reward, no hardships associated with starting a company from the ground up, on and on).  Know that saying "It's too good to be true"? well I think of stuff like this, this way "If its TOO safe (now/low risk), it's no fun and its bulls***" 

I have been looking for a real entrepreneur mentor.  Someone who's been in the field I'm in and where I want to be in 10, 20, 30, etc years.  Modelling is the fastest, most effective and efficient way to learn. I want to model myself after someone but at the same time, be me and throw my own twist on it.  Not a copy and paste entrepreneur, but one who has shoveled crap for and learned from a more wise and experienced professional. Something no business school could ever teach.

I would work for this person for free just to learn from them.  A real estate investor who specializes in: (1) Multifamily (apartments), (2) Commercial (retail and office) and (3) Commercial development.  I've had my eye on John Kane, CEO of Kane Realty and owner of North Hills. Short of pulling a Charlie Sheen from 'Wall Street' and calling his office every day, there isn't much chance I've got at meeting him, let alone convincing him he needs me. I know I need him. It's my big chance and I'm gonna go for it. Burn the bridges, accelerator to the floor, brakes permanently cut.