RE Agents in Connecticut

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I am a relatively new to RE investing. I have not done any deals yet. I am currently looking for RE agents that are investor friendly and creative financing friendly. I am looking specifically in Fairfield county area.

Any recommendations of agents would be greatly appreciated! If the agent is an investor him/herself I would not mind as well since I am very new to the field and I hope to find an agent that would be willing to help me through my learning.

I would really appreciate then help!


Simon Aristizabal

Joanna N. Gromotskie

2 Huntington Street

Huntington, CT 06484
Shelton, CT 06484

I can't post contact information in this fourm, so feel free to private message me, or you can google her.

This is my real estate agent.  Does amazing work around the clock for me, and understands the investor mindset. She also helped build my team with my mortgage broker and lawyer. It took me a while to find her as I was building my team, but glad I did. She is hungry, aggressive, experienced, and goes to bat for me. Of course I would love to keep her to myself, but the way this business works is by networking and bringing value to others. She bring tremendous value to my business, and and in return I am happy to bring her more clients / investors she can bring value to as well. Win, win, win.

Hi Simon,

I am a broker associate in California but I can help get you a referral in Connecticut if you're still looking for one. PM me if you'd like me to look into it for you! Best of luck on your investing future!