Dallas Real Estate Market

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Hi BP members!

My name is Nam Im. I live in Richardson(North Dallas)  TX. Just recently finished reading Ultimate Beginner's Guide to get basic understanding (still long way to educate myself though) and still listening to podcasts (they are awesome). Below are a few questions to get some advice from you: 

1. My wife and I wanted to start with MF which may be a great start for the newbies, however, Dallas area doesn't have many MFs. If there's a few, the neighborhood is not great either. What might be a good strategy for this area? Any suggestion?

2. Can you share Dallas real estate market information in terms of the popular strategies and niches which work in Dallas? I understand that I should find out what works for me, but I want to know how people do it in the area first.  

3. I saw that a couple folks put the couple local investment clubs, but do you have any investment club from BP members?

Thanks for your help in advance. Look forward to hearing from you all!!


Hi @Nam Im ,

Welcome to BP. You will find a wealth of information here.

Here are some good groups that are open to all members.


This group has a general meeting once a month and hosts a lots of workshops for a small fee. The workshops cover various subjects from financing, wholesaling,, estimating repairs etc. 


This group meets once a week on Saturday during the lunch hour. The host Joe Boston is an industry veteran and all aground great guy.