Real Estate License Worth It?

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Hi everyone, 

As I have posted before, I am just starting out and learning day by day. I am in a tough Massachusetts market with above average costs for real estate and am looking to do anything to break into the market and start growing. 

That brings me to my question, is it worth getting a real estate license to become a real estate investor? 

Let's hear some thoughts and I truly appreciate the help!


I only think it is worth it if you are doing 5 deals a year or more. If you are doing 4 or less, I do not think it is worth the cost, time and increased oversite from the real estate commission.

@Colby Mulry My 2 cents. 

I am also in MA and took the course 4 years ago before I got started in REI. I don't currently use the license as a salesperson, but I can say that the education helped me navigate the waters of real estate investing a little better, as I had a better understanding of some of the terms and legal issues that can come with real estate.

Having said all that, there's no substitute for building your network with a firm lawyer & mentors. If you're only looking for ROI on the course itself, then I'd stay away from it at your stage.

I found it valuable and would do it again if I had to do things over.