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Hi there!!

I have decided this year will be my year for investing solely in buy and holds. I want to set up an LLC for asset protection, etc. I live in Austin, Texas and I would like to start speaking to cpa's so I can choose one that seems right for me. Does anyone have a cow that they like so I can add them to my small list of cpa's to speak with?

I love this site! Thanks to everyone who contributes in any small way at all. It's so nice to see all of these professional folks helping out beginners like me.

I'm still looking for a good CPA in the Dallas area.  The two I talked to are too timid and are more worried about preventing audit than taking full advantage of the business tax provisions. At this point, my only CPAs are the ones with Anderson Advisors.  They are also on my ASSet Protection team with Anderson, so they know my strategy, but are a bit expensive for my current investment state.

@Dani Howard @Chris Reed

If you aren't having luck locally, don't be afraid to go out of state. You'll expose yourself to a wider pool of professionals giving you a higher probability of finding a real estate expert as well as someone you want to work with. 

Many of us have clients all over the US and even globally. Today's technology allows us to collaborate seamlessly with our clients. The only thing we can't do is shake your hand!

Have you spoken to local REIA groups or joined local FaceBook groups? They can often help as well.