Unconventional ways to find leads

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I'm learning a new way to find new leads everyday.

When I first started this journey my only knowledge of finding leads where basically real estate agents and craigslist. Then I was introduced to "Drive for Dollars" and the county website.

Then yesterday I ventured into Probates (?) which amazed me!

So I pose the question....

other then the five examples I just named what are some other ways to find leads on finding investments?

the most unconventional I seen so far it getting. The mail man(or woman) to keep a look out for vacant houses

Some others are

1. Street sign guy

2. We-buy-junk-car-like signs

3. Door knocking(not reall in-conventional) 

4. Bath room church flyer

5. Mail man house hunter(as stated above)

6. (My personal favorite) plain white t-shirt. 

I heard via one of the podcast episode of the mail man hack. That's a really great example! with all the snow that we've been having in Montana it easy to find home based on the if the drive ways and side walks have been plowed.