Deciding on TK company and market?

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So I have been heavily investigating different TK companies and their different about a headache! How have you guys decided on a company and who would you recommend in what markets?



David, I totally get that it is difficult to vet all the different turnkey opportunities, and it may be best if you select a couple of markets you are most interested in, then see which turnkey operators are there and vet them.  Transparency is something I really look for, along with the numbers making sense, the ethics of the operation and the people who own it, and very critically the quality of the property management, which can be the most critical element for the long term success of your investment.

Let me know if I can help.

@David Pierce

Be prepared for everty TK provider or persons who stand to make financial gain to direct you to their markets or companies.   I would suggest you continuing to do your homework and once you think you have narrowed it down then ask for feedback or references.  If your looking mainly for cash flow then the Midwest markets will be attractive.  

Take your time, send emails or call all the companies you have interest in and talk with them first to see if you get a feel and if they might be a good fit for you.  

Good luck

Hey David! Maybe I can help. When you say all the companies have their niches, what are you referring to specifically? And how do those niches compare with what you are looking for, or possibly interested in?