Finding Tenants

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I have a fairly simple question for the landlords out there. I am planning on purchasing a 4-plex that is fully rented, but in the future when leases end or tenants decide to getup and leave. Where do you find you tenants. In the town I live in we have the general Apartment finder books in most convenience stores but they do not include duplexes or anything close to it. What is the best way to attract attention to your property. Thanks for your help.

There are lots of ways to attract renters to your property. I would first of all talk with your current renters and ask them how they found out about the property. It would make for good "get to know you" conversation with the tenants while you're laying down the ground rules with them.

As for actual advertising methods, you can try:
1. "For Rent" sign in front yard (I get a lot of activity from this cheap advertising method)
2. Advertising in paper (expensive, but gets solid leads)
3. Online advertising (craigslist,
4. Flyers with tear away strips that have phone number and address of property
5. Signs at nearby intersections (main roadways)
6. Talking to the other tenants in the building (they have relatives and friends)
7. Actually... just tell everyone you know that might be looking for an apartment