Getting started with a team

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Hey BP,

I'd love to get started in RE investing. I'm thinking that the best way to get started is to assemble a small team so I can hit the ground running on *out of state buy and holds. These are the folks I think I should work with locally to where I live:

- Attorney for contracts, entities etc.

- CPA for taxes, tax planning etc.

- Finance sources

Local to where I buy:

- Property manager, contractor/handyman, agents/wholesalers

Is this a reasonable approach? Should I look for an attorney in each state? Anyone else not on the list?

*Out of state investing, since California looks a bit hot and cash flow in a decent neighborhood seems really tough for a newbie. Please correct me if this is wrong... I'd love to get started close to home.

you dont assemble a team and then start investing.

you start investing and then you assemble a team by trial and error.

what's their incentive to be on "your team"? how are you going to pay them? "IOU"?