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Folks have asked me where should I start in terms of books since everything that comes from a BP legend needs to be taken in context. Here are the fab four books and trifecta of business books that everyone should read IMHO:

Books - In this order
1) Rich Dad Poor Dad
2) Millionaire Real Estate Investor
3) Cashflow Quadrant
4) Equity Happens
Any more is just overkill.

Business Books
1) 40 hour workweek
2) E Myth
3) Think And Grow Rich (read this again and again, all the Gurus regurgitate this book)

@Lane Kawaoka  I have read these, all great books. I want to branch out and read some books on the economy so I can get a better perspective of the bigger picture. Any suggestions? 

I have a couple on the way that Kiyosaki recommended in Cashflow Quadrant but always good to get some different opinions. 



@Lane Kawaoka

Not necessarily, lots of great real estate and business books out there but I wouldn't say they are pre reqs. These are great books to get you thinking the right way when you start out. Ultimately you are going to learn the most from pulling the trigger and taking action.

Never going to know everything going in to a deal just open to the fact that you are never going to stop learning and keep reading and asking questions.

P.S. just read through the list again and missed this the first time, is that 4 hour or 40?

These are among the best wealth-inspiration books for sure.

Everyone who works for my organization (only my wife at the moment) will get Psyco-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz in some form.

The mind-set here is, if you become a better person you inherently become a better:

Wholesaler, Flipper, Investor, Parent, Provider, Mentor...

@Account Closed Hey Rob, I'm not sure you're level of current economic expertise, but The Instant Economist is a good book. It's pretty to the point. I also think Freakonomics is a good book to break some of the conventional wisdom that society holds and start to think more analytically. Not necessarily relevant to RE though. Just a couple thoughts!

Hope it helps,

Kenneth R. Reimer

I agree with all of these books, but my suggestion is to act as you read. Don't get sumoed by analysis paralysis. If you try to read every great book before you get started, you'll never start. Read, Act, Repeat.

I agree Psycho Cybernetics by Maltz is an  excellent book on adopting a mind-set that will help any driven individual succeed. It's old school but the concepts are still valid today.