Help with a business proposal

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Hey everyone! I am a very new member and am just getting started. I have an opportunity to get private money lender to fund my flips. Just looking for a few key things I could put in my presentation to be sure I fully cover my basis. I'm gonna touch up on my 5 year plan and aiming for buying 10 houses a year. I have a ton of information and I want to be sure not to bore them with too many details. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Do you have experience in rehab and flipping houses?  You want to under promise and over deliver for your investors, not the other way around.  10 flips annually is a hefty goal for even the most experienced investors.  Not to say you can't do it because I don't know your background, but I'd be leery of over-extending myself and not living up to promises I made my investors.

Easy answer

1. Make sure the lender LIKES you.
2. Make sure the lender TRUSTS you
3. Convince the lender he will get his money back.
4. Make him feel warm and fuzzy about your plan.
5. Make sure you will treat his money better than you will treat your own and you should.