Whose who in Charleston SC

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Hello BP,

I am a new highly motivated investor to the Charleston SC area market and I am looking to learn all that I possibly can. I was hoping that any active investors in Charleston South Carolina whether wholesaler flipper or buy and hold investor could comment and connect with me. I have tons of questions and I would love to sit and chat. Thanks.

Hey Chris,

I am not from Charleston.I am north of you in the Florence area.Just wanted to welcome you to BP any questions you can think of has probably been discussed in the forums.I would suggest that you search there also.Again nice to meet you.

Hi @Chris Armstrong . My name is Troy Gandee. I'm a Realtor and investor in the Charleston area. There are a lot of investors in this area and there are a lot of different groups that you can network with. I fix and flip 2-4 per year and have rental properties. 

Welcome to BP and to Charleston. This is a great market for real estate, though it's definitely very competitive and expensive recently.

If you ever need a Realtor, feel free to let me know. I'm happy to answer any questions or give you any advice. Just shoot me a message on BP or send me an email. Good luck!

So I am really new in the real estate investing side of the business. I have been a licensed residential builder for the last 10 years and have served many flippers and agents so I am somewhat familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. I sold mortgages in 2006-2007 and learned quite a bit about the lending side. I bought and fixed a mobile home with my brother to get my feet wet and we owner financed it for a good ROI. Last year I bought my first two buy and holds and have officially gotten the bug! I have decided to get serious about making this a business and appreciate any help I can get!

If anyone out there in the BP community would like to connect to network, discuss deals, get advice on the construction side of things or anything else I am sure we can all help one another. Reach out to me.

Thanks much!