Flip One Home In Hawaii?

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That's my goal. I want to flip one property on the island of Oahu in the next year. 

My wife is currently getting her RE license education, and should have it by May. I'm in the process of selling my first home which should turn an awesome profit and give me the capital I need to start investing in flips.  

June is my goal timeline to start searching out the deal. I will be attending the next local REIA meeting and everyone after to start networking with others as well as on here.

Is anyone else flipping in Oahu or Hawaii? I've still got to do some more market analysis but I think it is absolutely possible with the right deal. I will be leaving this island next June (can't wait) and hopefully get into some markets that offer more flexibility and opportunity.

Hey man that's awesome. The Hawaii market is definitely on my list, although for buy and hold for my self.My brother lives on the big island and I am lucky enough to visit often. I have fallen in love with Hawaii. I have even looked at coffee plantations for sale, I figure why not fulfill to passions? Good luck and I hope you become successful over there. It's definitely doable!

I already live on the Big Island.  I visited Kauai but still like the big island better.  I am working on a deal here but am looking for and investor for some help to get it done.  If I can get this under contract and it works the way it should, I will make some decent money to help with the next deal.  The big island is a good place also to buy and hold.  Rental property is in high demand and low supply.   Hope to get a few of them in the next year.  Get that passive income going.