Buying my first home in Queens NYC

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Greetings all, 

I'm a current college graduate and because I've started working, my family and I have decided to finally purchase a home somewhere in Queens New York city. 

I've been looking at a few houses every weekend and have learned that there are other options out there than just buying what's out there on zillow etc. I'm interested in learning about foreclosures, Reo, and any other methods for my first home buying deal to make sense money wise. Appreciate any tips and advice! 

Hi Benjamin, Welcome to bigger pockets. I live in Astoria, NY and very familiar with the neighborhood. Let me know if you need any advice about this area. I am not a realtor. I am just a home owner who also dabbles in real estate in my spare time. 

Hi @Benjamin Qiu , welcome to the Bigger Pockets community!

Make sure to check out the podcasts, webinars, blogs and browse through the forums, you'll find there very useful information.

Wishing you great success!