First Step

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Greetings Biggerpockets family, my name is Robert Hamilton; an interested advocate of real estate with no real estate experience. I have been researching real estate, learning about the different loans for starters like FHA and 203k. The only problem is I really don't want to live with one of my potential tenants, with that said, how do I start, using minimal money while still yielding a profit? I'm still learning so please excuse my ignorance to the topic.



Welcome! And congratulations on landing in this group. Everyone here is helpful, friendly and supportive. Well, most of them. The numbers you are trying to acheive are going to depend on how much you put down, how you structure your financing and the income produced by a given unit. Getting local, professional advice about rental real estate in your area is your first step. Each area will have its own set of numbers. Learn those.