I wanna be a bird dog!

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I have been toying with the idea of REI for a few years and I am really serious about starting out. I think that bird dogging will provide some experience, without the risk, and help to pad my pocket a little while I try to get rid of some lingering debts. As a bird dog looking for someone to work with, what should I look for. I am afraid of getting taken advantage of. I want someone to tell me what to do and I'll do it.. Heck, I'll even labor on properties.. I just want the experience. So, any tips on finding a good investor that will feed me well (my mind)?


Jaimee AL

Hello Jaimee, and welcome to BP.

I would suggest that a good mentor will be easy to find. Find your local REI club(s) and just start asking questions. When you find someone that is willing to give you some good, FREE advice then they would probably be a good mentor.

Other places to find mentors:
- Courthouse steps / foreclosure auctions
- Call up the numbers on bandit signs that say "we buy houses"
- In the newspaper call ads that are looking to buy property
- A "virtual" mentor over the web

Someone local will be best, but there are lots of people here that will give you free advice. So ask away and good luck!