duplex living

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Yeah I just brought a duplex to live in as an owner occupier about 8 months ago. In about 5 to 6 month after I brought the house, I decided to rent out the top 2 floors and live in the basement. It's a nice semi detached property. Anyway I just have advice for anyone thinking of doing this. One of my tenants is a co-worker with a kid & a cat. If you want your house looking like a mess never never rent to co-workers friends or family. I don't care how close you are. I just destroyed my friendship with my co-worker because we had an argument over her having people in my house that's not on the lease she has people sleeping over almost every night. I pay all the utilities. Her company is always here taking showers cooking & leaving the kitchen a mess. My advice is always rent to people you don't have personal history with.

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