Best way to fund /finance buying a multifamily property

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Hello bigger pockets community, I am a new investor in little rock looking to buy and rent out a triplex or fourplex property. Besides finding a good deal , i know that I need founding. With that being said my question for you guys is, what is the best way or smartest way to go about getting the property. I am only 19 years old right now. I am working on my credit currently to be able to finance this deal in the future. I plan to make this move in 2 to 3 years when my credit is established. But if there is a way that doesn't involve my credit I would do it now.

Hey @Octavius Henderson welcome to BP and the world of RE investing! You have a fantastic resource right here, at your fingertips, to help you along the way. That being said there are a number of things you will want to get in order before you offer on your first property. Obtaining financing can be a major challenge without building up your credit. This will help you get better interest rates, obtain funding more easily, etc. Once you have your credit straightened out it's important to save a substantial amount of money not only for down payment, but also reserves to help weather the ups and downs should you experience them early on. You often hear about investing with "no/low money down", but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a nice chunk of change to cover yourself before you make that first offer.

While you work on those two things I encourage you to soak up as much information as you can here. Start with learning how to analyze a deal and, once you've learned, try to analyze a handful of properties each day so you can identify a good deal when it pops up in your market. Read about being a landlord, read about rental property taxation, read as much as you possibly can and you'll be well on your way, my man!

Yes, like a duplex or triplex or fourplex is not multifamily, 1-4 units are single family attached dwellings. 

I can sum up your best financing alternative buying from other landlords in two words:

Seller Financing!

Rad the financing threads as well as the note threads to start learning. Best of luck :)

Go ahead & get a free credit card with points like the Chase Freedom and pay it off in full each month. This will show length of history, increase available credit & give you some free points while building your credit. 

Keep saving cash! Good luck. 

Keep building credt you'll need it in a lot of avenues in life.

Also as was said above, look into seller financing and it won't involve your credit. But you'll want to be knowledgable in the subject so you don't get into a bad deal and know the questions to ask and who to ask them to.

If you move into one of the units you will qualify for favorable owner occupied financing terms. Owner financing or a private lender (Friends Family and associates) would be about your only options in the short run.

Build credit and save cash for the longer run.