Investing in Sweden without legal age?

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Hey everybody!

My name is Adrian, I'm 16 years old (17 in 2 months) I got interested in REI when I was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, and attended one of their free workshops, but as I have had much success earlier with searching the internet to get most information. I decided to do so in this case as well, and that is how I found BP. :) That was around a month ago, and since then I have read a lot, listened to multiple podcasts/webinars and of course read books/blogs about investing in real estates :)

I live in Sweden which is a little different than USA if you are the owner of a property and renting out. So does anybody on BP have any experience of investing herein Sweden? Or have anyone wanted to invest here in Sweden but eventually passed it due to certain reasons, if so, what made you not invest? Or if someone have invested here in Sweden, what made you invest?

I currently live in Stockholm, and there's a huge demand for properties here, and of course that will make the properties go up in price as well, which makes it hard to invest and getting a good cash on cash return but I have to start somewhere, and I can't really invest international when I am not of legal age and without any capital to begin with.

Tldr; Can anyone give tips on: Financing without being of legal age, investing in growing cities and renting out, investing in Sweden or Nordic countries overall

Thanks in advance everybody! 



It's fascinating to read your excitement about getting started in real estate. I would suggest first getting a real estate related job and networking with investors in your area.

Maybe you could live in your first property while renting out a room or half of it. 

Try not to get ahead of yourself. I'd spend this time reading dozens of real estate books, listening to podcasts, and networking. 

Best of luck. 

@Jonathan Fowler

Well, I dropped out of school in January. And in April I started reading about REI, so I have spent this month reading a lot, I think I have gone through 15 books on the subject so far, I believe I need to read more on the tax regulations here in Sweden, but else I would say I have a pretty good picture of how it goes by, and then I just have to put it into action shouldn't I? Yes I do believe house-hacking is an option in the future, but while I can I should live free at my parents haha! I wanna go out travelling as soon I am 18 and then the passive income from RE's can come in handy, this gives me basically 1 year to get a passive income before I go out travelling (if possible)

I am getting in contact with 1 man who is working as a property manager of multiple commercial houses, but unfortunately I don't know any more people working here with RE's, which is also why I wrote here in the forum, but Sweden seems like a kinda dead place for REI, but I'll do my best :)