How to begin direct mailing?

2 Replies

@Trevor Thielen

Many counties have online GIS databases, but you will have to scrape the info manually. A better alternative is to buy a list from a list broker such as or You can choose the criteria you want and buy the list.

Agree with @Chris Eaker

There are plenty of sources. A quick search will give you them all relatively quickly.

I use a combination of sources. My advice is to do a few days of research on the basics first, your question leads me to believe you have a little more to grasp.

Then...go for it! 

I always suggest working with somebody to make sure you get the exact list you want and don't make a few thousand dollar mistake on something silly...

Depending on your area...I would also suggest sending out a mailing that is repeatable and defined.

A mailing list of 300 postcards will not be ideal for you right now. I'd suggest a minimum of 1,000 cards all from the same "criteria". Do not mix different lists at once during this stage.

Hope this helps a little.

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