First Direct Mail Done

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I finally got my first direct mail campaign done. Looking to see what response I get. I did make a personal call to one of the property owners on list. Didn't say yes, but didn't say no either. Well, waiting for the others. Until then, going to start working on the next group of yellow letters.

@Thomas Wassermann I have a buyer in place that we've talked about what he wanted so didn't do any marketing strategies. I focused on absentee owners n abandoned properties to mail to. 

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No. Drove for dollars to start out. Going to try one next go round ( probably list source) as heard and read here that persons got good results. Were you thinking of any specific to find? I'm fairly new and just trying what I'm learning to see what works best! Pray things work out for you. If I can help, shout out. Will share little that I know😊.

I went through the process of creating a list on listsource, but never actually purchased. I was simply looking at information and learning. There are tonssss of filters that you can narrow down on list source with, which is super cool. I built a list for 4 zip codes, have a mortgage from $1,000-100,000, total assessed value between $35k-125k, and a few others. Seemed real cool. Once I built the list but never purchased, they actually emailed me with a sample of what the excel sheet looks like when you buy. They gave me 3 local properties that would have been on my list. It had a ton of valuable info, really cool stuff.

@Marilyn Mike it was super easy. 1 time fee. If I remember correctly, it was like $200 say for 500-1000 leads? I can't remember but I can double check. The list that they then provide you shows the address of the subject property, owner(s) name(s), mortgage amount left, the address the owners currently reside/get their mail at.. etc... whatever criteria you chose to get the leads by. To me, it seemed as credible as you can get. Haven't done it as I don't have any money at all to invest right now because I am developing a 2-unit bldg and purchasing my primary residence. But I am SURE I will be using it by the end of the year.

Originally posted by @Marilyn Mike :

@Thomas Wassermann I have a buyer in place that we've talked about what he wanted so didn't do any marketing strategies. I focused on absentee owners n abandoned properties to mail to. 

 Great. I did mean how did you market for your first properties? Anyway how do you find you abandoned properties? I used to drive for that what you do?

In any case I personally stopped doing that, and I market straight to vacant house leads. Check out the link below. It could save you a lot of time and headaches. I will gladly send you a sample of vacant house leads in your area.

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@Thomas Wassermann I will be glad to check out the link to see what it looks like. Thanks for sharing that. I love BP for that reason. Persons giving valuable info to others.

@Sentel Mays Thanks so much for that!! It's so good to have options. Will check this one out as well. Quite sure all of these suggested sites will beat DFD. Eventhough, I make the time and get to meet and talk to neighbors about questioned properties.

@Marilyn Mike Congratulations! You are no longer a direct mail virgin.

Of course, a campaign typically consists of multiple letter drops, perhaps in sequence with a strategic message and multiple touches, maybe using other media  such as Mail >Call > Knock.

Marketing is a year-round effort and should not stop now, think through how you want your targets yo respond to you, how you will capture theit contact info, and what you wish to determine in a phone call.

Don't forget yo measure and test the results.

"Plan your work and work your plan but don't plan the results!"

Originally posted by @Marilyn Mike :

@Thomas Wassmann Yes! wouldn't mind if you'd send sample of vacant house leads in my area and again I appreciate.

 Hi Marilyn,

Absolutely. But I can only send a sample file if we are connected in here. Can you request a friendship here and I will send a sample sheet for you.


Great news! I'm exactly where you are, I just dropped my first postcard mailing this week to absentee owners. I got the list from Listsource. It feels good to be doing something!