Rental Needs New A/C. Where/How to Look?

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My rental home (~1200 sq. ft.) needs a new A/C, all of it. Where do you guys suggest I look? Do I go to the big stores like Home Depot, Sears, etc. or do a Google search on A/C guys in the local area? What are the variables that I should take into consideration?

I say buy a Trane, make sure your new HVAC unit is at least as large as the last one, i.e. if the last one was a 3 ton get another 3 ton. Also get a SEER rating of 14 or better. I would get a local company to come install it and then set up a yearly plan with them that they come and service the HVAC units once a year. Including cleaning of the coils, fan, compressor, refill coolant, ect. Having the company come out and due a checkup on the HVAC will extend the life of the unit. But make sure you call around to at least 3 HVAC companies before you decide one a  company. I would call like 6 or 7. Ask your tenant what their current electric bill is so you can compare what they save in energy. So you can show that off for the next tenant. 

Variables include: size tonnage, SEER rating, Vertical or horizontal inside unit, type of Coolant used, I can't think of anymore.