Managing debt early on

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So I am brand new and keen to dive into the world of real estate investing and as I've been educating myself the topic of financing has come up again and again. Now I am eager and determined to succeed in this business but that doesn't make the idea of millions of rands worth of debt any less daunting nor does it change the fact that the prime lending rate is sitting around 10.5%. That being said if anyone has any tips or suggestions on managing debt when starting out , it would be greatly appreciated .

10.5%, ouch!

Debt is super scary. A couple of ideas for you...

1. Try to fix the rate for as long a term as possible. Variable rates can be dangerous.

2. Plan for multiple exits. Option 1: Rent long term. Option 2: Quick sell. Option 3: Refinance. (There are other options, make sure you have a few.)

3. Keep emergency cash reserves.

4. Don't use debt.

5. Crunch your numbers. Get a seasoned investor to check them until you have experience. Make sure you numbers show positive cash flow.

6. Pay down the debt faster than scheduled.

I hope that helps. I wish you the best!