How to approach tenants about moving out of a property

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I've never had to do it, so take this as you will, but I'm assuming honesty is always the best policy.

Make sure to introduce yourself to them and get a feel for who they are.  Are they a good hard-working family that's down on their luck or are they combative druggies that are going to take all the copper with them when they go?  Most likely closer to the first.

While you're going to be honest with them you don't need to sugarcoat things.  Obviously you're both in this situation together and they realize how they got there too.  Check state laws and give them the exact time that the law states they can have to move out.  Don't accept sob stories about how this and that caused things to happen, that's not your fault its theirs.  Be firm but polite and if you need to escalate it to bringing the sheriff down with you on the next meet then so be it.  You own the property they're living in, its yours, and you want them out so you can continue forward with your plans.  Don't let someone stand in the way of getting things done.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I actually don't  the property just starting out with wholesales and foreclosure properties.. Some of the foreclosures has tenants that are squatters and being that they have lived there for awhile u can't just put them out. Then there is the whole court process that we all rather avoid. I was wondering was there a certain way to persuade them into moving? 

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