Do I Have Enough Time to Invest?

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I am wondering  if I will have enough to time to learn how to flip a house, raise the capital necessary to get started, and closing the deal before I move to North Carolina next October?

@Derek Kilgo ,  

I would say you absolutely have time to learn the theory of all of these things, and to begin building a mentorship/action team in the area.  If you continue to use BiggerPockets, and network, you will find a wealth of information and guidance.  People here loving sharing their information and insights.  If you really want it, and REALLY work at it, you can hit your goal.  

It isn't about having enough time, it is about making enough time. If you are willing to make it happen, it will.   

Go forth and wage war on your goals!

Of course! You can definitely make this happen. It may seem like a daunting task but if you break your learning down into chunks and set aside time everyday to learn you wont have a problem.

I flipped 24 houses in under 2 years while working full-time in private equity. Its all about creating systems and getting a really good team on board (Property managers, contractors, realtors etc.)

Don't let anything stop you!

Why not?

Rather than asking "if I" or "can I"... Ask yourself "HOW WILL I".  Make a to do list that takes you step by step from where you are now to where you want to be, and then get to work.

You can buy a few books TODAY (on flipping, funding/financing, etc).  You can figure out your fundraising strategy and start TODAY.  You can start networking (with North Carolina investors, attorneys, agents, etc) TODAY.