Rookie real estate investor

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Good morning everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful week.

A little background on myself: I'm new to real estate investing, I'm a 25 year old from Colorado. I currently have a rental property in (Denver) however a career change has led me to Las Vegas. I'm interested in learning the In's and out's of house flipping. 

That being said I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask.

1.) Would a real estate license benefit me in this endeavor? I understand the financial/time burdens of obtaining a license, but I feel as if reliance on a real estate agent to submit an offer and show me potential properties will really hinder my efforts.

2.) I have no contracting background. My ability to estimate rehab costs at this point is non-existent. Do you have any recommendations for how I could overcome this deficit? 

3.) How did you meet your mentor? (if you have one) How did you provide value to this relationship when you had limited experience and resources?

Thank you for your time. -Maciej