I would like to look into buying a one room apartment in the center of Sao Paulo.

I like the big building Edificio Copan, as I know the area and the buiding well and have friends living there. I will mainly use it to rent out, to accumulate some recidual income. It could be other locations in the center as well. It could also be two one room apartments. The second one maybe in Fortaleza.

I have been to brazil 7 times and my portugues is fluent, but not sufficient to speak in technical terms with layers and real estate agents. I have several friend in Sao Paulo, who could help me.

I have up to approx. 80.000 $ US or 260.000 $ R to spend. I currently live in Denmark, but that could change.

Can anyone share some knowledge about how I can get started and what I should look out for.
What are the risks for me? Where can I look for properties, that the bank is forcing the owner to sell cheap? If I do that, what risks are there? Are there any good websites or brokers?

I hear, that if I invest a certain amout in Brazil, I can get some kind of green card, so I can stay there and take care of my properties all year round? Could that be a possibility for me?

Basically, any help or comments anyone can provide, would be greatly apreciated. :)