What to do with leads when calling?

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So say you are calling a list of leads you have received (I'm going to begin calling next week so I'm open to any advice); but say I called down a list....

As I go, depending on responses I receive, what do I do with the leafs?

Do I create a mailing database, a re-call database, etc?

How do I sort my leads? What the determining factor of throwing them into another datAbase?

Thanks for all your time and input :)

What is your objection with those leads? Are you calling to offer them to buy their properties? What kind of leads.. You should approach them differently based on the lead type & objection..

Use a Power Dialer to make your calls.. I recommend Call Fire, or Mojosells.. Then Use a CRM to insert those qualified leads. I recommend Podio for CRM. Then track it to do follow ups.

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