on-line title searches

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I have a link that has many many many on-line recordes and accesors. It is a free link and may help those trying to find on-line sources.

There are numerous county public records databases available online for each
state in the county. NETR Public Records Online is the best site on the net
for free County Public Records

Located at http://www.netronline.com/

From their home page, click on 'Public Records". On the next page, you
simply click on the state. You'll be taken to a page that lists all the
counties of the state.

This page contains details on each county, such as:

a.. Appraisal District Phone Number
b.. Appraisal District Online Database
c.. Recorder Phone Number
d.. Recorder Online Database


Hi guys,
What is the value of these lists? I got the same County Assessor's website as when I Googled it... Not trying to sound snarky - I just don't really get it...
Please help a newbie out - what am I missing?